What to Pack in Your Bug Out Bag

What to Pack in Your Bug Out Bag

While you are preparing yourself for any situation or emergency one of the essential things you should always have on hand is a bug out bag.  A bug out back is an emergency kit put together to help you if for any reason you need to evacuate during an emergency.  You should have enough supplies to survive for at least three days or longer.  Make no mistake this is something every survivalist should have on hand and update the contents regularly they could save your life.  Do you know what to pack in your bug out bag?

Here are the essentials:

  • Heavy duty backpack to carry everything
  • Sleeping bag
  • Plastic sheeting, tent or a tarp for shelter
  • First aid kit along with any prescription medicines for the entire family
  • Changes of clothes and make sure you include a rain coat or poncho
  • Feminine hygiene items and diapers if necessary along with baby wipes which are good for cleaning
  • Candles/Flashlight/Camping Lanterns
  • Batteries
  • Emergency Blankets
  • Matches in a waterproof container
  • Flares
  • Fresh water for 3 days, that is about 4 liters per person
  • Three days’ worth of food, use a mix of dried fruits, protein bars, canned goods and freeze dried meals
  • Can opener and utensils to eat with
  • Tools, including a knife, rope, axe, shovel and duct tape
  • Radio with back up batteries
  • Toiletries such as shampoo, soap, dish soap, hand sanitizer and toilet paper
  • Things to entertain yourself for example books, journal or a deck of cards
  • Enough cash to get through three days
  • Documents – keep on hand things like passports, birth certificates, insurance and any other legal documents.
  • Miscellaneous items for pets or children if needed, bottles, pacifiers, toys and pet leashes

Packing Your Bug Out Bag

This list may seem overwhelming and you have no idea how you’re going to make this all fit into one back pack.  Firstly you don’t have to add everything at once you can do it in stages until the bag has everything that you need.  Here are some tips on getting everything into your bag.

When you are packing the food portion of your bug out bag, create a meal plan first and regularly check the expiration dates and get rid of any food that is near or has passed the expiration dates.  Bear in mind that each member of your family will need their own bug out bag, this will make sure you have everything you need for an evacuation.  Put all of your bug out bags someplace safe and easily accessible so should the need ever arise you’re completely prepared.